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Congratulations, you finally got that Danitrio Tami-Nuri on Shu on Genkai grail pen you've always wanted, the Wahl Eversharp Decoband just becaues, and a Montblanc 149 as your daily cary. Now, you might want to consider looking into proper insurance to protect them. If you live in California, below are three basic approaches to covering your fountain pen, fountain pens, or fountain pen collection, your coverage options may differ:

Your California homeowners policy may be well designed to cover your coffee table, your dishes, your t-shirts and many other things that are mass produced and sold in bulk, up to policy limits from certin kinds of risk. Your fountain pen may be underinsured if they are unscheduled. The process of specifically itemizing select valuable objects is called, scheduling.

Scheduled personal property is generally a short list of select valuable personal property, that, for extra premium has extra coverages. Jewlerly, sculptures, reliefs paintings and your fountin pen collection being possible examples of scheduled items. Scheduling can be a good way to cover fountain pens, in many, but not all circumstances.

A standalone fountain pen policy
Even if your fountain pen, or pens are scheduled, you may run into coverage issues, both in amount and type. A homeowners policy may not have adequate coverages for: faulty title, off premises (in transit), mysterious disappearance, damage from earthquake or flood. A standalone fountin pen policy may address specific issues such as: fraud, heist, natural disaster, restoration, inadequate handling, etc... your coverage options may vary greatly.

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